Saturday, December 29, 2007

How Clean Is Your House?

Have you seen the show... HOW CLEAN IS YOUR HOUSE?

Well, after watching that - I feel as if I am the best housekeeper ever! LOL!

I have never seen such horrible living conditions as some of the homes these two ladies have had to clean.

I have been amazed at some of the products they have used to clean homes. For example, using dishwasher soap (powder) to clean stove tops! What a wonderful idea! I mean, after all - they are correct when they say that the dishwasher soap cleans pots & pans! Why wouldn't it clean the food off of a stove top?

Friday, December 28, 2007

Cleaning Up, Right Away

Written By: Patti

I find, if I let myself walk away from a mess I have created - it's so much harder to go back to that mess later and clean it up.

When working in the kitchen, clean up as you go. Don't let the dishes stack up... do them right away!

Oh, and the dreaded laundry. I find that easiest to walk away from. My friend, Katie and I were recently talking about this very thing. She had let the laundry stack up so high - she ended up taking it to the laundry mat and paying them to wash it, dry it, fold it and hang it. All she needed to do was pick it up and put it away when it was done.

Weekly Challenge: Try to pick up your mess as soon as it is there. Don't let it sit.